Bank of Khartoum

Masi Engineering Company began providing its integrated solutions of hygiene, plant care, maintenance, security and safety, in addition to pest and insect control services, sterilization, electrical works, civil and plumbing works for a number of branches of the Bank of Khartoum last year 2021, including (Alsooq Alearabi Branch – Hurriya Branch – Nile Branch – Abdel-Moneim Branch) and its ATMs, including 20 external ATMs, in addition to internal branch ATMs, and firefighting systems have been installed for the various branches of the bank.
As for the efforts of the Masi Engineering Company and its commitment to its responsibilities, the management of the Bank of Khartoum decided to grant it to other sectors in 2022 It includes two sectors:
1- The Khartoum middle sector and It includes (Alamarat St. 15-Khartoum 2-Khartoum 3-Al-Sajana-Khartoum Industrial Zone).
2- bahri western sector, which includes (Al-Zaeem Al-Azhari – Alsooq Almarkazi- Bahri Industrial Zone – Al-Mazad – Saad Qishra -Al-Kadro – Halfaya – qery).

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